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CNG Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is the power of a car or truck engine running on natural gas versus that of one running on gasoline or diesel?

    Actually the power and pickup are about the same. It is a little bit better with natural gas because natural gas has an octane of 115 whereas regular gas has an octane of 91-92 and premium gas of around 98.

  2. What is the range of a natural gas car?

    About the same as that of a gasoline powered car. Honda Civic has a 7 ½ gallon natural gas tank so it would have a range of about 260 miles. My Crown Victoria has a 15 gallon tank so it has a range of 330 miles.

  3. What does burning natural gas do to the engine?

    Actually it is great for the engine because natural gas produces none of the sludge, acids, residue, etc. that gasoline does. The engine will last about twice as long and it is about twice as long between overhauls and four times as long between oil changes as a regular gasoline engine.

  4. Where does the natural gas tank go and how big is it?

    Since all the CNG cars are now converted from standard gasoline cars the tanks usually go in the trunk. For the Honda Civic this reduces the trunk space by about 50%, for my Crown Victoria about 25%.

  5. How long does it take to fill a CNG car?

    For a home fill station over night, for a public station the same as for gasoline - 3 or 4 minutes.

  6. If converting all the cars and trucks to natural gas would solve our reliance on foreign oil, fix the balance of payments, reduce our greenhouse emission by 25% and put thousands of people to work installing CNG stations and converting cars and trucks to CNG, why is the government not pushing for people to buy natural gas cars?

    I am not sure but it might have something to do with lobbyists and the oil companies having billions of dollars invested into refineries which would not be needed if the country converted to natural gas for its transportation systems.

  7. If I buy a natural gas car and get a "clean air vehicle" sticker how long can I drive in the car pool lane in California?

    Until at least January 1st, 2015.

  8. What if I'd like to drive a natural gas car but I don't want to drive a Honda Civic?

    There are many companies that can convert existing cars to natural gas cars and get California car pool stickers, everything from a Lincoln Town Car, a Mercury Grand Marquis to a Ford Expedition. There is over 20 models that can be converted.

  9. Where can I buy a car that has been converted to run on natural gas and gets the car pool sticker?

    BAF Technologies and BayTech Corporation are just a few.

  10. How much does it cost to convert a car, van or pickup truck to natural gas?

    Somewhere between $5,000 - $10,000.

  11. How much more does it cost to manufacture a CNG powered car versus a gasoline car?

    If designed to be a CNG powered car about $250.00.

  12. What is the payback for converting my car or trucks to natural gas?

    It is according to how many miles you drive and if you put in your own natural gas station or not. However, typically if you look at fuel cost savings only, drive 20,000 miles a year, and buy CNG from a public station it would be 3 ½ years for a typical car owner. For a fleet operator that had 10 trucks driving 50,000 miles a year and puts in his own CNG station, payback would be a little over 1 year and each year after that he would save approximately $100,000 in fuel costs. But in addition to the actual dollar savings, how valuable is it to drive in the carpool lane with only one person.

  13. Why is this the only website that talks about the cost saving of going to natural gas when all the other natural gas sites only talk about the benefits to the environment?

    I don't know. Find natural gas stations and prices.

  14. Will CNG tanks in my truck or van take up Cargo Area?

    Not necessarily for our 24 ft steak bed trucks which have two 25 gallon tanks & 450 mile range the tanks are under the vehicular so they don't take up any cargo space. The GMC Savana van comes with a 3 tank system (200 mile range) all under the vehicle so no cargo space is lost either.

  15. What natural gas vehicles are available to own?

    View CNG Vehicles

  16. Where can I but or lease a natural gas powered Honda Civic?

    Call Vick Simonian 626-935-1700 at Diamond Honda in City of Industry Ca.

  17. Are there rebates available?

    Yes, the vechicle buydown program from the California energy comission of from $3000 for a car, $8000 for a van up to $32,000 for a large truck. Up to $300,000 matching funds from the AQMD for the CNG station and up to $95,000 from the MSRC.


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